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Gabrielle Union Looks Gorgeous For Dwyane Wade’s 40th Birthday

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Gabrielle Union looks amazing for Dwyane Wade’s 40th birthday. Check out the pics that she shared on her social media account.

The Shade Room also noticed the couple and said: ‘the Wades Alwayssss give what’s its suppose to give,’ and a commenter said: ‘They obsessed with each other we stan #blacklove.’

Someone else said: ‘Gabrielle literally looks like she did in the 90s! Sis refuses to age,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Period! Because what you here for if you not.’

A follower said: ‘I don’t care what y’all think.. she’s naturally bad!! And they seem to be enjoying life..good for them,’ and a fan said: ‘The first pic reminded me of when she wore that dress in bad boys. baddie then baddie now.’

Someone else said: ‘Confidence is a stain that will stay with this couple,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘We aint forget about that salad tossing comment she made.’

Someone else said: ‘Nahh, I’m straight. If my body/face don’t age like Rasheeda’s then I need a refund for this life, period.’

Gabrielle Union   shared a photo on her social media account in which she looks amazing. Her hair is the one element that has fans in awe and you can see the photo that impressed everyone below.

‘Y’all, my curls are flourishing. Got a cute outfit on. I’ve secured the bag and thee bag. I am moisturized. Knees, knuckles, ankles and elbows glistening. I’m fresh off a meditation and nobody can tell me diddly. So, basically I’ve got about 15 min before @kaaviajames has me looking like harry scary,’ Gabrielle captioned her post.

Gabrielle Union praised lady London and she made sure to write an emotional message on her social media account.

‘Today’s #WCW is the one with the best rhymes, @ladylondon! She knows how to craft a verse with an effortless flow that gets everyone hyped. Her rhymes are and her wordplay is top tier. On top of her artistic mastery, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Howard University, and a Master of Science in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California. She really does it all If you love to support women in hip hop I highly recommend checking her out!’ Gaby began her message.

Check out the rest of her message. 

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